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I'm making fun, educational shorts about space, astronomy, and what's going on in our Solar System and beyond. I hope you'll join me!
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Making space fun

What's happening on Venus?
What's the weather like on Mars?
Could there be life on one of Jupiter or Saturn's moons?

It's questions like these I want to answer with Space Jim. Our great big universe is awesome, but most of it is way, way out there.

Instead, think of me as your local news reporter for the Solar System.
I'll keep you updated with the probes and rovers exploring beyond Earth, finding cool things on Mars, Venus, and elsewhere.

I'll give you a crash course on what we've learned about our planets so far, plus the superb images we've taken on our visits there.

So hop on board, and let's get exploring!

About Jim

G'day! I'm Jim Fettes.

I'm from Melbourne, Australia. After high school and uni, I spent six years as a journalist at our national broadcaster, the ABC, working across Melbourne, Albury, and Canberra. I spent a year doing Public Diplomacy work in Bangkok, Thailand, before coming home to work in the not-for-profit sector.

Growing up in the suburbs, I had only a fistful of stars in my sky. When I discovered Neptune for a school project, a lifelong love was born. 

I'm finally following my dream and studying Astronomy at university. I hope to combine my passions and deliver fun and engaging astronomy content that anyone can enjoy.

I hope you enjoy it and learn something too!
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